Each restaurant’s chef suggests his own special creations as well. Delicious dishes of the day, the quality exceeding by far the price...

12,80€Grilled sea bass fillet with wild greens

10,60€Deep fried seafood
with beetroot and potato chips and traditional garlic sauce from Kefallonia
-cod, baby prawns, kalamari- (frozen)

12,80€Squid (frozen) cooked on the grill
served with fava and caramelized onions

10,50€ Cuttlefish risotto (frozen)
with cuttlefish’s ink and parmesan cheese from Metsovo

10,80€ Cod with traditional garlic sauce from Kefalonia and beets

12,80€ Seafood “Kritharoto” 
orzo cooked with fresh mussels, kalamari and shrimps (frozen)

7,80€ Steamed mussels 
with garlic and aromatic herbs finished with white wine