Each restaurant’s chef suggests his own special creations as well. Delicious dishes of the day, the quality exceeding by far the price...

10,80€Pork chops
with orange and Tauyetus’ honey sauce carrots,
sesame and baby potatoes

10,80€Grilled chicken fillet
marinated in mustard and spices, served with
vegetables and fresh potato chips

pork fillet with wine sauce and capers served
with aubergine and potato mash

8,90€Oriental kebab
(fresh beef, pork and lamb minced meat) with tzatziki, tomato, onions and pita bread

8,90€Beef liver
on the grill with potato mash and caramelized onions

chicken fillet served in a “kadaifi” pastry nest
with Chios mastic sauce and bacon

14,50€Beef fillet
with rosemary sauce and grilled vegetables

10,20€Marinated spicy “souvlakia”
(beef, pork, chicken) served with butter baby potatoes

12,80€Newborn goat with rosemary finished with tsipouro

9,80€Burger on grill
(fresh beef and pork minced meat) served with homemade fries and green salad