Each restaurant’s chef suggests his own special creations as well. Delicious dishes of the day, the quality exceeding by far the price...

8,90€Tzitzikas salad
a variety of ten fresh-cut vegetables, anthotiro cheese
from Amfilochia and manouri cheese from Falani
with a mustard vinegret dressing

6,90€Tzitzikas salad For 2 Persons

8,90€Spinach salad
spinach, crispy bacon, pine nuts, crouton,
parmezana, pomegranate and vinegret sauce
from balsamic vinegar

6,90€Spinach salad For 2 Persons

5,50€Green salad
with aromatic oil and lemon sauce

5,50€Organic fava salad from Dilofo (domain Antonopoulou)

6,50€Lentil salad with smoked Taygetos trout and herbs