Each restaurant’s chef suggests his own special creations as well. Delicious dishes of the day, the quality exceeding by far the price...

7,90€Pork chops and fried potatoes with nutmeg

7,70€Crispy pork belly slice with caramelized onion

11,70€“Santorinio” pork fillet with white wine sauce and capers served with aubergine and potato mash

7,30€Chicken thigh fillet with aromatic lemon-olive oil dressing and fresh potato chips

8,00€Chicken burger with feta cheese cream and fried potatoes

8,20€Burgers with fried potatoes

9,20€“Roumeliotiko”  grilled shredded pork served with grilled tomato on pita bread

12,90€ Beef fillet with rocket and fresh pepper

16,20€“Stavlisia” (650-700gr.) juicy beef rib steak with tomato and potato on the grill

19,00€ Mixed grill (For 2 Persons) small steak, burger, chicken thigh, sausage, souvlakia and fried potatoes