Each restaurant’s chef suggests his own special creations as well. Delicious dishes of the day, the quality exceeding by far the price...

3,30€Fresh fried potatoes

6,10€Grilled “Nests” beef liver and kefalotiri cheese wrapped in lamb caul fat

6,30€Small kebabs with cheese-yogurt sauce, onion and pita bread

4,60€Fried gruyere with sesame and homemade tomato jam

4,40€Grilled cheese on the grill (talagani cheese from Messinia)

4,50€Green balls with wild greens, feta cheese and herbs

5,60€Mermiga’s small pies handmade pastry with mizithra cheese and fresh aromatic herbs

6,30€Trilogy of grilled mushrooms  portobello, plevrotus and white mushrooms with white balsamic vinegar, honey and thyme

5,20€Sausage from Karditsa with leek on the grill

4,30€Baked potatowith fresh Philadelphia cream cheese

5,90€Meatballs with mint and fried potatoes

Marinated spicy “souvlakia”: